Beautiful waterfalls and streams in the Western part of Nghe An province

Cong Kien - 13/06/2023 11:15
( - In the summer, the Western part of Nghe An is likened to a "fiery pan" due to the high temperature accompanied by scorching Southwest winds. However, in return, this place is blessed with many cool waterfalls and streams, offering a refreshing retreat for people to cool down.

Almost everywhere in the Western part of Nghe An province, there are beautiful waterfalls, some of which have long been marked on the province's tourist map. In the photo: Sao Va Waterfall on the Nam Viec River (Que Phong). Photo: Sach Nguyen

Khe Kem Waterfall (Con Cuong) is likened to a strip of white silk stretched along the mountain slope. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

Tourists immerse themselves in the cool water at Khe Kem Waterfall (Con Cuong) to find moments of relaxation in the scorching summer. Photo: Sach Nguyen

Nha Vang Waterfall - the potential for ecological tourism in the border commune of Nhon Mai (Tuong Duong). Photo: Nguyen Dao

The pristine beauty of Rong Waterfall in Muong Long commune (Ky Son). Photo: Nguyen Dao

The grandeur and allure of the seven-tiered waterfall complex in Hanh Dich commune (Que Phong). Photo: Sach Nguyen

The untouched and charming beauty of Ban Bia Waterfall, Chau Ly commune (Quy Hop). Photo: Nguyen Dao

Mua Waterfall in Ngoc Lam commune (Thanh Chuong) is likened to a "giant air conditioner." Photo: Dinh Tuyen

Enjoying the cool water at the foot of Mua Waterfall. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

Along with the waterfalls, the Western part of Nghe An also has many refreshing streams that help residents and tourists escape the extreme heat. In the photo: A stream in Nghia Xuan commune (Quy Hop). Photo: Nguyen Dao

Another example is Co Stream, a famous ecotourism spot in Tuong Duong. Every day, many tourists come here to "beat the heat" during the summer. Photo: Ho Dinh Chien

Experiencing Mua Waterfall (Thanh Chuong). Video: Cong Kien - Dinh Tuyen
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