H'mong people's market in the border area of Nghe An

Dinh Tuyen - 02/09/2023 11:39
(Baonghean.vn) - Located in the border area of Tri Le commune (Que Phong), the H’mong people's market is the first market organized on the occasion of Independence Day, where people come to trade and exchange the colorful cultural characteristics of various ethnic groups in the West of Nghe An.
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This is the first market organized in Tri Le commune (Que Phong district), serving as a space for trade and cultural exchange among the local people and neighboring areas. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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Mr. Vi Van Cuong - Chairman of the People's Committee of Tri Le commune said that the commune has 16 villages, including 5 H’mong villages located along the border, with a dense population. Many products made by the local residents need to be transported over long distances for consumption. Therefore, the commune's authorities held meetings with the villagers and small traders, leading to the decision to establish this periodic market. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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The H’mong people's market in Tri Le consists of four areas: culinary, H’mong clothing, agricultural products and livestock and poultry areas. Currently, there are more than 200 stalls set up for trading. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
The goods primarily include various products produced in local and neighboring regions, such as mice, chickens, jicama, bamboo rice, brocade, etc. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
Visitors to the market can taste traditional local dishes such as "thang co" (simmer horse's meat and offals), grilled meat, grilled glutinous rice, etc. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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They can also enjoy performances by H’mong artists playing panpipes - their traditional musical instrument - at the market. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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When visiting this market, tourists can try on the vibrant traditional costumes of the H’mong people and immerse themselves in the rich cultural experience. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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In addition to selling goods, the H’mong People's Market also organizes cultural and artistic exchange programs, as well as playing traditional folk sports. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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Ms. Lo Thi Nguyet - Vice Chairwoman of the People's Committee of Que Phong district stated that in the future, the district will continue to plan and develop the periodic market in a more systematic manner. In addition to providing opportunities for cultural exchange among local people, it will also be a chance for the district to promote tourism, cuisine, and culture of the people of Que Phong to those outside the region. Photo: Dinh Tuyen
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