Visiting the Central Region’s largest eel farm in Nghe An

Van Truong - 05/07/2023 19:46
( - The eel farming and processing village in Phan Thanh hamlet, Long Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district is considered the largest eel 'farm' in the Central region of Vietnam. Products made from processed eels are not only sold throughout the country but also exported.
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Long Thanh commune in Yen Thanh district is a pure agricultural area, known for its traditional practice of catching wild eels. Recognizing the increasing demand of processed eels, many households have shifted to the business of processing wild eels, providing a high income and stable employment for local workers. Photo: Van Truong
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Nguyen Ngoc Anh (residing in Phan Thanh hamlet, Long Thanh commune) has 15 years of experience in purchasing and processing eels. He shares that his family buys and processes an average of 4-5 tons of eels per day, creating regular employment for 10-12 workers with stable income. Photo: Van Truong
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According to Anh, the eels that are brought in must be ensured to be alive, thoroughly cleaned, then boiled in hot water and placed in a freezer for sale. To make the eels have a eye-catching yellow color, a small amount of fresh turmeric or pure turmeric powder is added during boiling. Photo: Van Truong
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According to the villagers of Phan Thanh, eel processing is not very complicated, but it must strictly follow the technical process in order to ensure the quality and nutritional value of the eels. Photo: Van Truong
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In recent years, Long Thanh commune has also collaborated with relevant sectors to organize training classes for residents on food safety, environmental hygiene, as well as connecting with retail stores to market the products for the locals. Photo: Van Truong
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The specialty of wild eels from Phan Thanh hamlet, Long Thanh commune, is now widely popular for its delicious, flavorful and nutritious taste. Photo: Van Truong
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Mr. Nguyen Van De - Chairman of the People's Committee of Long Thanh commune said: "Phan Thanh eel farming and processing village was recognized as a traditional craft village in July 2022. Currently, there are 50 households engaged in this profession, creating employment for 400-600 workers in the locality. On average, each year, 1,200 - 1,500 tons of processed eels are produced and sold nationwide, and some are exported to Asian countries." Photo: Van Truong
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