Destinations in Nghe An ‘refreshed’ to welcome new tourist season

My Ha - Dinh Tuyên 15/03/2023 14:12

( - This is the way Nghe An tourism gradually refreshes itself to meet the increasingly diverse and "fastidious" tastes of tourists.

In recent years, community-based tourism has become a "specialty" of Nghe An tourism and has been implemented in many high mountainous districts. For example, visiting Tuong Duong district, we can enjoy the unique feature of its Lagerstroemia tomentosa forests. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

Before, these Lagerstroemia tomentosa forests were quite pristine. But now to meet the needs of visitors, local people have built small miniatures, serving both as a place to rest and an ideal one to take photos. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

The journey to the villages in Que Phong is also being introduced by tour operators this summer. Having the natural advantage with sprawling forests, majestic waterfalls, breathtaking valleys, Que Phong is currently being likened by travel lovers to the "dreamy Da Lat" of central Vietnam. The new feature in this year's tourist season is that the destinations in Que Phong tour are linked together in a pretty suitable route. Therefore, visitors only need to make a booking in advance with tour operators to be completely assured of experiencing many interesting destinations. Photo: My Ha

In previous years, community-based tourism in Que Phong was often associated with destinations such as the seven-storey waterfall located in Pu Hoat Nature Reserve, sleepover and experience of community-based tourism in Co Muong, Sao Va waterfall or visiting the lake bed of Hua Na Hydropower, and so on. However, at present, many individuals have also participated in community-based tourism and developed in their own direction. At Nhat Minh Farmstay, Mr. Dinh Ba Cuong - its owner said: In the past, the farm-stay tourism mainly includes relaxation and cuisine, but now we are trying to refresh our products such as organizing night music shows, linking tourism with camping and other experiences to create excitement for visitors. Photo: Nhat Minh Farmstay

A meal showing the identity of Thai people at Co Muong community tourist destination in Chau Kim commune, Que Phong district. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

The waterwheels in the mountainous districts of Nghe An, especially in Tuong Duong and Quy Chau districts make visitors eager and excited. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

The revenue from tourism that Quy Chau district earns from the community-based tourism models is over VND 4.5 billion. Clearly identifying the advantages and strength to develop tourism, in recent years, Quy Chau district has focused on investing in opening and exploiting many types of tourism such as: Exploring Khe Ban waterfall, Tat Ngoi ecological area, cultural museum of ethnic minorities in Western Nghe An, Bua cave - Chieng Ngam temple...

In order for tourism to be a spearhead "smokeless" industry, Quy Chau district has also had "long-term" strategies to develop this advantage. Accordingly, in Hoa Tien village, the district has planned an area of over 3,000m2 to build a communal house. Thereby, visitors can visit the stilt house displaying the characteristics of Thai culture, while resting and experiencing other things. In the above photo: Hand-made tourism products are sold in Hoa Tien village, Quy Chau district. Photo: My Ha

At the moment, Cua Lo town is rushing to finish the last items to prepare for the opening of the sea tourism season in 2023.

Mr. Hoang Thanh Son - Head of the town's Culture and Tourism Department said that in order to serve tourists in the 2023 tourist season, the town has connected with tour operators and Cua Lo will build a separate tourism product with many inside and outside destinations for visitors to have memorable journeys when coming to Cua Lo. Photo: My Ha

In addition to urban gentrification, Cua Lo has advertised Nghi Thuy fishing village as one of the destinations that promises to attract many tourists this year. To set up this destination, Cua Lo town has invested nearly VND 30 billion to build many items, such as upgrading Binh Minh, Le Thi Bach Cat, Hoang Nguyen Cat streets.

In its construction project, many old buildings of historical value will also be restored, including the restoration of the old house in Le Thi Bach Cat Souvenir Area, the expansion of Yen Luong temple, the preservation and embellishment of Mai Bang temple. The town will also restore some village wells into rest stops for visitors to enjoy the scene and folk culture. The town will also invest in building cultural houses with traditional architecture bearing the characteristics of coastal fishing village culture. Photo: Dinh Tuyen

In the town, some private enterprises also actively renewed tourism products associated with resorts, camping, enjoying cuisine and initially attracting many young tourists. Photo: My Ha

In addition to the famous tourist destinations associated with Nghe An such as Cua Lo Beach, President Ho Chi Minh’s hometown, Khe Kem waterfall (Con Cuong district)..., on the tourist map of Nghe An, there are currently 20 new tourist attractions, including: Dinh campground (Thanh Nho commune, Thanh Chuong district), Lam Thanh mountain (Hung Phu commune, Hung Nguyen district), Nghi Thiet beach (Nghi Loc district), Dai Hue Farmstay (Nam Anh commune, Nam Dan district), Ba Khe dam (Nam Loc commune, Nam Dan district)..., They aim to satisfy the thirst for experience tourism and immersion in nature of young people. These tourist attractions are also gradually changing to adapt to the increasingly diverse tastes of visitors. Photo: Sach Nguyen

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Destinations in Nghe An ‘refreshed’ to welcome new tourist season