Nghe An People's Committee approves VND 4,502 billion project for Vinh city

Nhat Lan 14/02/2023 11:25

( - Recently, in Decision No. 283/QD-UBND, the Provincial People's Committee has approved the “Vinh City Priority Infrastructure and Urban Resilience Development Project”. The total investment cost of the project is VND 4,502 billion.

Decision No. 283/QD-UBND was approved by the Provincial People's Committee on February 6, 2023. Accordingly, the “Vinh City Priority Infrastructure and Urban Resilience Development Project” is invested by Vinh City People's Committee.

The overall objectives of the project are clearly stated in Decision No. 283/QD-UBND, i.e reducing the risk of waterlogging in the main urban area and strengthening the ability of urban management to adapt to climate change of Vinh city. What is more, it shall support the development of integrated infrastructure and develop urban resilience of Vinh city, contributing to sustainable urban development and adaptation to climate change, creating motivation for comprehensive socio-economic development for Vinh city and Nghe An province.

Specifically, it aims to reduce flooding and helps the city to adapt to climate change through activities that improve and upgrade the drainage systems. Furthermore, it improves environmental conditions and the quality of life for people through the improvements and upgrades of Vinh River and wastewater collection and treatment system.

It also strengthens the connection between the central area and developing ones with weak infrastructure, in order to motivate the city to develop through the construction of a number of connecting roads. Besides, it enhances green space for the city through the construction of public space infrastructure, through the renovation of Vinh River, the construction of Hung Hoa 2 Lake and park infrastructure. Strengthening urban management capacity and resilience, integrated and proactive flood control for Vinh city.

The "Vinh City Priority Infrastructure and Urban Resilience Development Project" consists of 4 components (Component 1: Integrated drainage, environmental sanitation and connectivity investments; Component 2: Expansion of storage capacity to reduce urban flooding; Component 3: River improvements and upgrades; Component 4: Systems and capacity development to improve urban resilience.

The total land use area of the project is about 208 hectares. This is a type A technical infrastructure project; level 1 main works. The designed shelf life is 50 years for reinforced concrete structure construction works.

The investment capital includes a loan of USD 129.6 million (equivalent to VND 3,000 billion) from World Bank; the reciprocal capital of VND 1,502 billion (equivalent to USD 64.9 million). Vinh City People's Committee is responsible for arranging reciprocal capital from its budget (according to Resolution No. 02/2021/NQ-HDND dated April 15, 2021 by the Provincial People's Council stipulating a number of specific mechanisms and policies on finance - budget to support the socio-economic development of Vinh city in the 2021-2025 period).

Decision No. 283/QD-UBND of the Provincial People's Committee also states that the project implementation progress is 6 years from the time it is allocated capital by the competent authority.

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Nghe An People's Committee approves VND 4,502 billion project for Vinh city